I recently read a writing exercise that suggested writing three alternate beginnings to your book... for funsies, I guess. It was advice I didn't need, though, because I've already written seven different beginnings and will continue to do so until I'm satisfied.

I have a ridiculously short attention span so I'm trying to write for people like me. I need a beginning that pulls you into the story while still giving you the necessary information regarding the characters and conflict. This is a lot harder than you'd expect.

Some great advice, discussions on beginnings:
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Character Description Conundrum

For a month or so I've struggled with the looks of my novel's main character, Sara. I can tell you exactly what every other character in the book looks like down to the scar hidden underneath one of my supporting character's long hair. They haven't changed much since the day my brain imagined them, which was... years ago.

Yet Sara's appearances have changed so many times before I wrote it out and afterward. In the current version her looks were important enough for me to write into the story. She looks like her mom, people knew her mom and compare the two.

But I want people to be able to identify with her, to connect with her, to want to follow her on her journey. Does this mean I have to make her a blank slate, an avatar than any person can slip themselves into? Or can I stick with the concrete image I've decided upon and just hope everyone can relate to a blond hair, blue eyed relatively pretty protagonist?

Do her looks matter as much as her personality? Should the fact that I'm writing YA matter when it comes to choosing how she looks?

I found the discussion below helpful, but still haven't made my final decision.
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Quote of the Moment : 1

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
- Silvia Plath
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I Write Like...

Chuck Palahniuk.

Both my NaNo version and favorite second draft say this... while another, first person present, says Gertrude Stein.
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The Beginning

2010 WinnerWell, sort of. This is just the beginning of this blog, but it really all began in October. That's when I decided that I would take the plunge and not only participate in NaNoWriMo, but make absolutely sure I would finish my first novel. It was something I've had on my mind for years now, but I just never really got around to it.

So in October, I made an outline, worked on character development, researched and took a lot of notes. My family and friends were alerted to the fact that a new project would now be taking up a considerable amount of my free time. My husband was so supportive, cheering me on even when the sinks were full and I had trouble sleeping because my brain wouldn't shut off. I, for one, was relieved that I had found something that inspired me to actually do something for a change.

It's sad when you have to ask yourself the question, what else could I accomplish in the time I usually spend playing Farmville, MafiaWars and watching TV? Apparently, I could write a novel... and during November, along with so many other Wrimo's, that's what I did.
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