Things I Learned at WriteOnCon

WriteOnCon was... AWESOME! My first online conference... well, first conference, period. Great guests, informative and inspiring articles and chats, and I absolutely loved the critiques and meeting other authors. (Even though I'm a super socially awkward person who didn't really actually talk as much as I probably should have.)

A big thank you to those who put on the conference, those who donated their time and talent to helping us improve our craft, and to my fellow con attendees.

I enjoyed finally sharing my work with other people and receiving helpful critiques and supportive feedback. And that really is the most boring way to say that because to be perfectly honest, after reading some of the comments I literally went *SQUEE* and did victory laps around the house to the point where my kids were like... "Mom's finally lost it."

And getting to read other people's work was amazing. I was blown away by the talent. There were dozens of books that I just know will get published... and I can't wait because after reading some of those openers, I'm dying to know what happens next.

One of the things I realized was how badly I need to crawl out of this dark writing den and associate with other writers. So if I just added you to my near empty twitter and my rarely updated blog, that's why. ;)

My bookmarks (a ton, I know, but for me--the  Computer Crasher--it's safer to store them here):


  1. YES to the "screaming and running around the house" thing. I swear, people could say one little nice thing and I was positively jubilant.

    WriteOnCon really showed me what sort of YA writers are out there right now. And, (not to sound morose or competitive or anything) what I'm up against. There are some really awesome writers and great ideas going around, and I can't wait to see them in print.

    And actually, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to blogstalk you now, too. :D

  2. Yeah, I have to say I felt intimidated by the talent level. I have a LOT of work to do! Next year, I want to be a 5 pager. ;) And get Ninja-ed.

    And yay! A blogstalker! :D


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